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The XR World Academy is an immersive education academy and introduces you to XR and supports you to dive deeper in the areas of XR, VR, AR, 360, Holoride, Holoportation, Holofurnish, Remote Reality, 3D, 4D and beyond.

If you thrive for Extended Reality Experiences, Immersive Education and best practice in XR, then read on!

The XR World Academy is your hot spot to experience immersive learning of the future and to connect with a future oriented community.

Learn how to meet in VR or to design with VR and AR!

The XR WORLD ACADEMY aims to exchange expertise also for career changers or lateral entrants.

Are you interested in exploring Extended Realities (XR), learn, train, teach and work with XR?


You are an expert in extended reality and want to share your expertise and earn money?

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You are interested in high professional education? Want to deep dive into extended reality in entertainment and industry?

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B2B Match

Are you searching for a service partner for your XR projects within your company?  Then this area is for you!

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XR Careers

Are you looking for a job in XR? Are you a freelancer or employee looking for a new challenge in your career? 
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Support our Crowdfunding Campaign now!

We just launched our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo for the FUTURE CAREER EXPERIENCE TOUR and highly appreciate your support! 

The Future Career Experience Tour is a roadshow and a mix of real and virtual events as well as masterclasses.

Your support means the world for us and many people around the globe!

With your support we can realize the roadshow in many more cities in Germany, Europe and around the globe. You are able to help people of different generations to find their future career path through Extended Reality!

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Future Career Orientation Research

The future career orientation research has been conducted by XR WORLD ACADEMY & KANTAR with the aim to analyze the information and orientation need of different generations in a VUCA world (VUCA = volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) which influences current and future job profiles and hence the job orientation process of each individual – no matter of what generation.

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Crowdfunding Campaign Launching Soon!

Our XR WORLD ACADEMY’s roadshow “THE FUTURE CAREER EXPERIENCE TOUR” is launching soon its crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo! Register here on our preview page to stay tuned!–2/coming_soon/x/22745114  

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