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Are you interested in exploring Extended Realities (XR) and learn in XR? Are you a developer and you want to share your expertise as a teacher or trainer? The XR World Academy is an immersive education academy and will eather introduce you to those topics or support you to dive deeper in the areas of XR, VR, AR, 360, Holoride, Holoportation, Holofurnish, Remote Reality, 3D, 4D and beyond. If you thrive for Extended Reality Experiences and Education, then read on!

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Coming soon! XR HUBs in BAVARIA

The Bavarian Government has decided to establish 3 new XR HUBs in Bavaria for the end of 2019. With those extended reality centers the Bavarian state wants to foster and support the development in AR and VR. According to the state minister for digitization, Judith Gerlach (CSU),  a total amount of 1.5 million EURO has been provided by the Bayerische Landtag. The aim of those HUBs and the statutory support is to strengthen the awareness for Virtual and Augmented Reality “made in Bavaria” and thus to establish it as a national and international well-known brand.

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XR BAVARIA e.V. just started its activities

The Extended Reality Bavaria e.V. (XR Bavaria e.V.) just started its activities as the first XR association in Bavaria with the aim to support the topics Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360° Video as well as further forms of Extended Reality in Bavaria. The official assignment for the foundation has been made in April 2019 with a total of 14 founding members from Bavarias Economy, Science and Education as well as Media Industry. The main goal is to connect XR interested people and to act as the first point of contact in respect of Extended Reality topics.

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Educators in VR Meeting

What are the challenges of teachers that are interested in teaching in VR?
The Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (vhb), as a network of 31 universities in Bavaria had the idea of sharing and linking digital teaching. They promote and support the development of digital learning units and specifically support exchange and usage on an interuniversity basis. Want to know more about this topic? There is an Educators in VR meeting in AltspaceVR on 18th July that gives you insights into the recent research about bringing AR and VR into the classical classroom in schools.

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The 21st Century Learner

The way people learn has changed tremendously through digital media. Smartphones, Youtube, Facebook, Online Universities as well as Tech Communities have been changing the way people learn and socialize. “Rethinking Learning” is a video about the MacArthur’s Digital Media and Learning initiative that supported research and design experiments to better understand how digital media are changing the way young people learn, play, socialize, and participate civically and how those insights could be used to improve education.

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Holoride kicks off to the Chinese market

The German startup Holoride creates an entirely new media category for passengers by connecting XR content with data points from the vehicle in real time. These data points include physical feedback like acceleration and steering, traffic data, as well as travel route and time.Open to all content creators and car companies, the technology has the power to change backseat entertainment completly. Just recently at CES Asia that took place from 11th to 12th June, the Holoride Team kicked off to the Chinese market and introduced two new VR-experiences as well as our Chinese brand name 浩乐行 (HAO LE XING / “amazingly happy journey”) to the public.

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