VR/AR Association Open Call

If you are interested that your company is getting listed in the VR/AR Associations’ industry report have a look at their open call for companies to participate.

HoloAssist Deutsche Bahn

3spin, a Microsoft partner, has developed a HoloLens app (DBHoloAssist) together with Deutsche Bahn for maintenance trainings.The app DBHoloAssist allows staff to perform many different tasks and displays the important steps during a maintenance process in 3D and in realtime. Have a look how DB employees work with the app in combination with the Microsoft HoloLens!

European Creators Lab

The European Creators Lab takes place from 27th to 31st May in Munich and is organized by Filmzentrum Bayern. It is Europe’s exclusive development lab for Spatial and Sensorial Narratives for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° Film!The LAB has been created for writers, directors, game designers, programmers, 360° filmmakers, technology enthusiasts, VR/AR developers, creative producers, journalists and media, media enthusiasts, artists and everyone with a solid professional background and a large portion of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Virtual Worlds Munich

Virtual Worlds is a competition for narrative VR that takes place in July in Munich organized by i4c and Bayerisches Filmzentrum in cooperation with International Filmfest Munich. Participants of the contest will be awarded with “The Munich Deer”,  an award for AR, VR, and MR projects. The award will honor outstanding creative achievements and the visionaries behind these works. The award ceremony will be on Thursday, 4th of July.


Do you know the difference between VR and AR? Any idea what Holofurnish or Holoportation or even Holoride is? Have…
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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality easy explained by XRWA. Augmented Reality(AR) is a form of an extended reality that brings components of the digital world into a person’s perception of the real world. Have a look at this introduction video with some examples from the furniture industry and automotive industry that explain the real use of AR within prototyping, designing and the customer journey.

XR trend or hype?

The XR World Academy Team DNA is not only extended reality enthusiasts, movie makers, media consultants but also trend scouts…
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In April the SYNC VR company evrbit realized together with its partner Telekom Magenta the VR Cinema Tour through several German cities. We were there in Munich at Mathäser Filmpalast to test the VR Cinema experience for you.

Virtual Collaboration

On the occasion of the AWE Europe we had the chance to join a virtual collaboration meeting of Glue. The Helsinki based company provides virtual collaboration through VR, AR, mobile and desktop. But what exactly is Virtual Collaboration?How does it work?


BRAND NEW VR GAMING HOTSPOT IN MUNICH. In March we had the possibility to visit as one of the first people upon the opening the new VR Gaming Hotspot in Munich, Neufahrn.