BRAND NEW VR GAMING HOTSPOT IN MUNICH. In March we had the possibility to visit as one of the first people upon the opening the new VR Gaming Hotspot in Munich, Neufahrn: ZEROLATENCY. Korbinian Gritz is the license partner of the brand ZEROLATENCY which has been founded 2015 as one of the first VR Gaming centers in Melbourne, Australia. So far, 26 ZEROLATENCY Centers have been opened internationally, thereof 3 within Europe. ZEROLATENCY is proceeding with its expansion and plans to open up to 50 centers worldwide until the end of 2019.

Interview with Korbinian Gritz, ZEROLATENCY center Munich

You can play with up to 8 players in an area of 200 square meters VR Games from cyber wars, robots to zombies. One game lasts approximately 26 minutes which should’nt be undervalued as you move a lot, you have to be highly concentrated to survive in the VR World and you should help your team to interact within the VR world – so multitasking is the skill that you definitively need. It is like half an hour active sport!

The Munich based center is open from Thursdays until Sundays. Each game costs 39 € per player. You can book your game session online prior to your visit. Further information can be found here:

You can chose between the Game Engineerium an Alien Game, Outbreak Origins a Zombie Adventure as well as Singularity 30 where you fight robots and rogue drones. In March 2019 two new centers in Dublin and Rhiad have been established. 

Korbinian is very well prepared for every situation – even in case that people suffer motion sickness! The whole center reminds me at an airport situation with a professional check in, safety and technical equipment training and the availability of even a barf bag completed this impression. 

Further information can be found here:

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