Virtual Collaboration

On the occasion of the AWE Europe we had the chance to join a virtual collaboration meeting of Glue. The Helsinki based company provides virtual collaboration through VR, AR, mobile and desktop.

But what exactly is Virtual Collaboration? How does it work?

The Glue virtual collaboration tool facilitates face-to-face communication and collaboration sessions. In our VR meeting we were on a location check within a newly created architecture in Taiwan together with our colleagues from Helsinki and San Francisco. We joined with our VR headset from Germany and they were connected with theirs from Finland and the US. Whilst exploring the building through our personalized avatars that interacted for us within the virtual scenery, we met at this Taiwanese house and started our workshop together. We were drawing notes, paintings and graphics together on a virtual flip chart in the air.

After having finished our workshop we left the VR space by taking of our headsets and got delivered directly either with a pdf version of our state-of-the-art-presentation or a handout. We felt nearly like entering a real meeting in a house in Taiwan through the surrounding noices the ocean or a seagull whilst entering a virtual boat. The Glue Collaborative VR Tool takes digital meetings as well as trainings and education and even research and prototyping to the next level. Glue is really a revolution in the future of team work.

Also the company MeetinVR is providing the VR Collaboration Solution

VR Collaboration as a Game Changer

Another solution agencies that considers VR Collaboration as the next big thing that is predicting even the death of video conferencing very soon, is the Munich based company Innoactive.

“Collaborative VR allows your teams to work together in a completely new way. If everyone can join a VR session from his workplace, from home or a meeting room somewhere in the world, your team can meet AND visualize relevant 3D data from anywhere,” explains Innoactive. For Volkswagen they realised the training of 10,000 employees through VR Collaboration.

Your next questions might be: But how do I get started with VR Collaboration? What equipment, budget, training is necessary for a first step? The only thing that you need is the tool of one of these providers and a VR headset with a controller and then you can get startet immediately!

Have a look at our VR Collaboration video here and start your first VR meeting!

Innoactive Hub – Get started with enterprise VR collaboration. from Innoactive on Vimeo.