In April the SYNC VR company evrbit realized together with its partner Telekom Magenta the VR Cinema Tour through several German cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg. We were there at Mathäser Filmpalast on the first day of the Munich tour. First of all, many people seemed to be interested as the second session of the first day was already fully booked. 

What you can expect

The tour takes place from 20th March to 14th April. Tickets can be booked online.

When you enter the cinema a friendly woman offers you your Occulus-Go VR Headset. Within one session you will see 3 different movies. The first one, that I liked most, guides you to an escape in Africa’s National parks where you get to see a giraffe’s belly from underneath or even its nares nose to nose.

The target group of the movies are Virtual Reality newbies who want to explore such an experience for the first time. Therefore it is a slight introduction into new worlds. The next two movies are more a creative play by motion and VR designers. You get to see artificial worlds in those you can fly almost on the wings of a crow or just fantasy tunnels to new light shows or sci-fi worlds. For me the movie Wild Immersion Africa was the best as you really felt like being there amongst the beautiful wildlife of this mainland. The movie is an escape to the so-called “Big Five”. The movie has been inspired and supported by the International Environment Organization Jane Goodall Institute.

The movie Conscious Existence has been produced by the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg within a talent contest VR Now. The next VR Cinema sessions take place: 03.04. – 07.04.2019 | MUNICH | Mathäser Filmpalast Twice a day on 5:20 and 6:40 pm. 10.04. – 14.04.2019 | HAMBURG | Zeise Kinos Twice a day on 5:00 and 6:30 pm.