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Course Overview


These lessons and courses give you a first introduction into the XR WORLD. It is your basis to learn what you can do with XR.


You did explore already Extended Realities and you want to learn more. Then join these lessons and courses.


You are a gamer, film producer or developer and you want to gain insights from other experts? Then this is your area of training!


What is Augmented Reality, Holofurnish or Holoride and what are the real use cases?

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a form of an extended reality that brings components of the digital world into a person’s perception of the real world.

What is Holofurnish?

With Holofurnish you can easiliy design a new space with furniture in Augmented Reality. It helps to imagine how your room might look like.

What is Holoride?

LHoloride is an incar entertainment with Virtual Reality for people on the backseats of cars invented by the company Holoride.

Start with Developer Basics with IMERSITY!

Learn Developer Basics with our partner IMERSITY!

How to code for
Augmented Reality

Start learning to code for Augmented Reality with any supported Android device and Unity with almost no prior knowledge needed. By the end of the course, you will know how to bring your ARCore Unity project up and running.

The prize for this course: 57 €

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VR Development with Unity

Start learning to code for VR from scratch with the basics of Unity and C#, getting you ready for your first fully immersive VR game. Once you have a solid foundation continue working on more advanced Virtual Reality projects, which will focus more on movement, controls, menu building, animations, and a variety of skills that bring you closer to being a VR developer.

The prize for this course: 97 €

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Mixed Reality course with Microsoft HoloLens

Start learning to code for Mixed Reality with the Microsoft HoloLens and Unity with almost no prior knowledge needed. That being said, we suggest taking some lessons about C# basics and VR development first, as it will simplify your life a lot!

The prize for this course: 57 €

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