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Roboy and Lucy

During our research on education with AI our XR WORLD editorial team found the book of Roboy and Lucy. It has been a successfully funded project on kickstarter in May 2019.

What is the book about?

Technology is moving at such a breath-taking speed, that what was inconceivable yesterday, might transform society tomorrow. Roboy & Lucy explain complex concepts in an easy and applicable way. That‘s great for children, but for beginners and executives just as well. The team of Roboy and Lucy asked themselves the question: How can we make sure our children use the power bestowed on them by AI and the digital transformation responsibly? Roboy & Lucy are stories of two young friends exploring the world together. Being adventurous and curious they discover problems that we have not yet managed to solve as humanity, and then they go on a search for a young innovator that uses technology to tackle this problem.

By telling them bedside stories of real young and entrepreneurial heroes that exemplify how easy it will be to have a lasting positive impact. The book Roboy and Lucy is available in German and English. 

The main actors of the story:

Roboy, inspired by the real humanoid research robot Roboy Junior, his best friend Lucy and the clumsy drone Checker together experience these adventures and thereby become relatable friends that guide our children into a future with artificial intelligence.

More information:

The Founders of Roboy and Lucy:

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