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XRWA Founder Hero Interview

XRWA has been nominated as “Founder Hero” (Unternehmerheld) by debitoor, Brand eins and its partners in Germany. Have a look at the interview with our founder Christiane Lesch about the honor of this nomination and what plans and visions she has for the XR WORLD ACADEMY in the near future. 

Interview Christiane Lesch XR WORLD ACADEMY on the nomination as founder hero

Have a look at the complete interview in English:

The aim of the XRWA is to connect developers, producers and programmers in order to exchange knowledge about Extended Realities. Are you excited?  Then vote from 1st of October on the following website for XRWA and support them to get awarded with the  Unternehmerhelden Award 2019.

Christiane, please introduce yourself and your company! 

Hi, I am Christiane and owner of the PR & Marketing Agency apriori. Furthermore I recently founded the XR WORLD ACADEMY (XRWA). With this platform we offer infotainment learning through Social VR Events, i.e., participants / learners and educators meet directly in VR to exchange learning content, we offer trainings on immersive education with Augmented Reality as well as multiplayer VR experiences. We want to provide learning content as an interactive experience. Therefore this is our claim: “The Big Bang No Theory”.

What does your clients most appreciate?

My creativity in combination with a clear structure. My clients appreciate me as a driving force for the digital transformation.

Why did you decide to become a founder?

To start my own company was an important step for me to have the freedom for creativity and to have unlimited space to develop new ideas. I am a person who is interested and open minded for many topics. The freedom to think and brainstorm and to always learn new things is the highest motivation for me in my daily work.  

What is the biggest challenge for you as an entrepreneur?

These fast pacing times and hence following ephemerality. Which means ideas are being developed faster and faster as new technologies make it possible but on the other hand we are flooded by always new information that immediately replace the existing innovations. That means companies have to learn to innovate constantly – the periods to work on innovations become shorter.

What is your aim for the next 5 years? 

My vision is to open more international offices for apriori pr & marketing abroad. For the XR WORLD ACADEMY my next big goal is to start the pop-up roadshow “The XR WORLD Future Education Tour”. With this tour we want to inspire people around the world for immersive learning and immersive education. 

What are the 3 things that you recommend young founders?

  1. Believe in your ideas and your creativity! 
  2. Constantly work on your individual network!
  3. Keep an open mind for new things!

Why do you like to win the “Founder Hero Award 2019”?

With the XRWA it is my vision and goal to transform the existing education system into an exciting infotainment world in which lifelong learning with the latest technologies becomes an adventure that is so exciting like your most favorite hobby. Therefore I would highly appreciate to win this award as it could help to support the topic of “Future Education” through the XR World Academy.



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