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Coming soon! XR HUBs in BAVARIA

The Bavarian Government has decided to establish 3 new XR HUBs in Bavaria for the end of 2019. With those extended reality centers the Bavarian state wants to foster and support the development in AR and VR. According to the state minister for digitization, Judith Gerlach (CSU),  a total amount of 1.5 million EURO has been provided by the Bayerische Landtag. The aim of those HUBs and the statutory support is to strengthen the awareness for Virtual and Augmented Reality “made in Bavaria” and thus to establish it as a national and international well-known brand.

The first of those 3 XR Hubs will be established in September 2019 in Munich.

“The potential of XR is huge and it affects all areas of life like training and education, industrial facilities, product development, eCommerce, research and development, science, media and games, health as well as cultural institutions like museums and education institutions. Through XR it is already possible that the fire brigade staff can train worst case scenarios, maintenance and repair of heavy machinery in unreachable areas can be trained in XR or even highly sensitive surgeries can be supported through XR”, explains Gerlach.


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