Privacy & Compliance Guide for XR


Open AR Cloud and XRSI (XR Safety Initiative) are developing the first-ever Privacy & Compliance Guide for XR and spatial data applications.

XR WORLD ACADEMY is joining the kick-off in order to support this toolkit of best practices for implementing AR Cloud and spatial computing technologies that respect those values and also obey compliance frameworks including GDPR, CCPA, & NIST.


What is XRSI?

XR Safety Initiative (XRSI) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit organization that promotes privacy, security, and ethics in the immersive environments (virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality). The XRSI mission is to help build safe and inclusive experiences. Through discovering novel cybersecurity, privacy, and ethical risks and proposing potential solutions to mitigate them. XRSI, being the first such global effort, finds itself uniquely positioned to provide impartial, practical information about XR related risks and opportunities to individuals, corporations, universities, government agencies, and other organizations worldwide.

Most asked question in Germany: Is this VR application GDPR compliant?

During the Covid-19 crisis our team from XRWA joined many hackathons in Germany, Europe and beyond. Especially for the German education system the GDPR compliance of any VR application is most important. Different German states even officially prohibited the use of international virtual meeting platforms. This limited the ability of teachers to get in touch with their students and hence caused a huge gap in knowledge-transfer during the lockdown period in Germany. Teachers were unsure what technology might be allowed to digitally communicate with their school class and pupils got lost on their learning path and now have the challenge for the upcoming school year to keep up with the learning matter that they have missed whilst no school presence was possible and they are now confronted with the new learning content of the beginning school year. This causes a double burden for our pupils and students. Therefore XR WORLD ACADEMY is supporting those initiatives to help establishing a GDPR compliant XR application that can be used also by German schools and universities.

More information about XRSI can be found on this website:



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